Paul Lysaker, PhD Winter 2017 Speaking Engagements

Dr. Lysaker is scheduled to speak this winter in both Rome, Italy and Aarhus, Denmark. 

Rome, Italy      January 27 2017 

Insight, Treatment Adherence and the Dignity of Risk (Consapevolezza di malattia, aderenza al trattamento

e “dignità del rischio”)



Aarhus, Denmark   March 15 and 17 2017


March 15, 2017 Disturbances in metacognitive function as a barrier to recovery from serious mental illness: Emerging research and treatment implications 


March 17, 2017

Personal narratives in serious mental illness: Assessing the degree of integration vs. fragmentation in sense of self, sense of others and the use of that knowledge to respond to psychosocial challenges (Workshop).